Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Top 10 Etsy Finds - Summer 2012

  • Another round-up? Come on Praxis Descends, give us a review, a tutorial, some lovely pictures?
  • No! I've been meaning to do a round-up of my favourite Etsy pieces for ages. Last night I was updating my favourites list and realised I had ten things that were just crying out to be features in my I want list.

By the time you read this post, some of these things might have sold out or been taken off Etsy all together. If this is the case, please check out their shop for other things. These people put their time into making amazing and beautiful things, and they should be supported for it.

Before I carry on, let me tell those of you who don't know exactly what Etsy is. It's a website where people can sell their handmade and vintage items. The standard for quality is really high and many of the shops are based in the USA (so the exchange rate is favourable), and the shipping isn't too extreme.

So without further ado, let's take a look at the ten things I need everyone to go out and buy me...

    L4D Medikit BackpackWTCrafts
    $55 (£36)*

    One of my absolute favourite video-games and a functional, iconic piece of kit. It would make me feel so prepared in the event of a zombie situation. I just hope no one would mistake me for an actual first-aider. (Creator's Note: Pills not included)

    Ok. I just absolutely love this item. I truly wish I could justify buying a science officer's bra that few people would ever see. Maybe if this were a swimsuit I'd snap one up. Also it would need to be much larger than the ones offered by the seller ^^''' 

    So I don't have my ears pierced any more, but I love the simple charm of these little gems. They subtly indicate a geeky inclination without the (perhaps overt) design of the Starfleet Bra.

    Embroidered Kanto BadgesOksmalls 
    $30 (£20)*

    Well this is a blast from the past. I remember doodling these eight badges on every notebook and clean surface I could find. They symbolised something awesome to be achieved. I wanna be the very best...

    Whore Tea Cupgeek details 
    $25 (£17)*

    I really really love patterned china. Even in my very broke first year of Uni I found a few quid to spare on some nice/garish tea cups to sit and revise with. But this cup and saucer combo is perfection. I need to sit and sip tea from it while watching a costume drama or doing my correspondence. More tea vicar?

    Crafting things out of duct tape isn't exactly reinventing the creative wheel. But this ring is so perfectly made and beautifully presented. There is a lot to be said for simple concepts, executed this well. I would absolutely want to wear one of these with a smart outfit. 

    Avatar Water Tribe FleeceRarity's Boutique 
    $140 (£90)*

    Easily the most expensive item on my list, but this gorgeous fleece was the reason I'm actually finishing this list. The detail and colour look perfect, and the depth of the hood makes it seem snug and cozy. Every nation is amazing, but the blues of the Water Tribe will always sway me.

    Steampunk d6Mechanical Oddities 
    $11.50 (£8)*

    I have too many dice. That is a cold, simple fact. However, if I could find more room for a badass d6 then this would be that d6. It's a really nice design and the finish looks professional and detailed. This has been on my list for some time and is probably the item I'll get when I have some funds.


    I found these hunting for MLP wings on Etsy and was totally blown away. An impractical purchase if ever I saw one. I don't know any situation where these would be suitable or appropriate. But I don't care. They look amazing and glam.

      $60 (£39*)

    I needed a Harry Potter item on this list and wow did I find one. The printing on this book looks so good. A plain-page, thick, hardback notebook that would look awesome on a shelf next to any of the actual HP books.

    So there is my list of amazing and unique Etsy finds. Sure I probably won't buy many of these things. Still it'd be nice if more people got onto Etsy and shared their faves. It's a really great place to find lovely things. This is where I will eventually start putting up things I've made (shameless time-travel plug).

    *Prices all based on a currency converter just before publishing this post. Subject to change depending on how badly the Government derp up the economy.
    ** None of the pictures are taken by me, they are all used in the spirit of free advertising, but if particular Etsians complain then I'll take them down.  

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